Neurology (Burr Hole Surgery)


                                               (Burr Hole Surgery)

                                                  @ 6500 USD only

When a blood clot is moderately old (at least two to three weeks), it may be drained through a small hole in the skull, and a large craniotomy flap (opening in the skull) might be avoided. A burr hole for subdural hematoma is performed to remove a hemorrhage (blood clot) from around the surface of the brain. The location of the blood clot is beneath the firm covering of the brain known as the dura mater, and is therefore called subdural hematoma.

MedicYatra provides the Burr Hole surgery, at its affiliate best Neuro clinics & hospitals in various metro cities of India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune etc.

Our associate Board certified Burr Hole surgeons are extensively trained and vastly experienced and have performed hundreds of such surgeries at our state of the art JCI accredited hospitals.We aim to provide you the best of the services at the most affordable costs.

Burr Hole Surgery: –  $ 6500

Hospital Stay :- 2 to 4 Days.

The Package includes :-

Pre-travel arrangements

  • Second Opinion on the case .
  • 24*7 on call support.
  • Travel guidance .
  • Appointment Confirmation.
  • Planning and Budgeting – Pre Travel .
  • Tele-consultation with doctor .
  • Reserve bookings in hospitals and hotels .
  • Collate medical data and file case history .

In country arrangements

  • 24×7 on call support.
  • Transportation of choice.
  •    Airport pickup and drop by Luxury Vehicle.
  •    Personal consultation by well-trained Surgeons.
  •    Assistance in admission and discharge process.
  •    Post treatment Health Care Service .
  •    Language Translator Services.
  •    Secured online lifelong patient records management.
  •    Arranging recuperation holidays with flexible and tailor made packages.
  •    Medical complications Coverage.*

 In Hospital Arrangements

  •     Pharmacy / medicines for the hospital stay.
  •     Procedure / surgery cost as mentioned above.
  •     Laundry services (for patient and one attendant).
  •     Standard diet / meals (for patient and one attendant).
  •     Consumables for the period of hospital stay mentioned  above.
  •     Investigations for the period of hospital stay mentioned  above.
  •     Physiotherapy for the period of hospital stay mentioned above.
  •     Pharmacy / medicines for one month after discharge (if required).
  •     Hospital stay (private deluxe room) for the period mentioned above.
  •     Professional fees (surgeon, assistant surgeon, anesthetist, intensivist, etc.).
  •     Doctor visits and consultations for the period of hospital stay mentioned above.

Send a Detailed inquiry to Us and Your case will be Reviewed by some of the best Indian Doctors/Surgeons/Consultants who works with World-class Healthcare Facility based in India which are recognized by International Accrediting agencies like JCI,NABH etc.

We will soon call you and will gather more Information in your case and your case will be first reviewed by our experienced Healthcare Professionals and then sent to the Best Healthcare Facility which is suitable for your treatment .Then you will receive a detailed Quotation from MedicYatra on Behalf of different hospitals which will Include the treatment details, Estimated Time required, Estimated Cost of the treatment, Doctor/Surgeon who will be treating.

You can send your medical reports with query at or you can visit to know details.

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